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A 40-oz. stainless-steel tumbler is trending on social media. Here's how to get in on the action.

A well-known tumbler has gone viral on social media, and promotional product wholesalers can cash in on the trend.

The 40-oz Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler with soft matte finish from drinkware, cooler, and cookware shop Stanley 1913 has been featured on TikToks with hashtags like #stanleytumbler and #stanleycup in recent weeks.

The spacious size, durability, insulating properties, solid ergonomic handle, rotating lid with three drinking options (straw opening, drink opening, and full-cover to prevent leakage), and tapered base that fits comfortably in cup holders are all praised by recipients.

“While the original Stanley tumbler comes in tons of colors, the soft matte four-color line is what’s going viral right now,” writes Moriba Cummings at In the Know from Yahoo. “Its gorgeous silicone finish has a velvety and smooth touch, and it offers a stylish and sophisticated feel that’s a welcome departure from the more rugged, industrial look of the original cup.”

In fact, they were so popular in late 2022 and early 2023 that Stanley 1913 and merchants struggled to keep the $50 tumblers in stock.

For anyone searching for a similar aesthetic in the promotional business, here are a few options.






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Are you trying to track the developments of your online business? If so, there are numerous tools available on the internet. However, choosing among the different tools accessible is tough. Here are five basic methods for successfully tracking internet business trends.

Tap into the Power of Google Trends

Any dedicated trend follower will want to use this powerful tool. Google Trends is a free tool that displays trends based on Google Search data. It can assist you in exploring themes, comparing topics, and determining when something is popular. You may also use Google to see how frequently specific terms are searched for. For example, if you own a sports store, you might use it to monitor how many people search for "soccer," "football," or "NFL" in your country or city (or globally) throughout the year.

With this excellent tool, you can monitor whether search volume has increased or decreased over time and compare interest in two products. Trends can also be explored by area and category. Along with displaying a topic's popularity over time, the tool provides information about topics similar to your keyword that are seeing a significant increase in traffic.

Use Twitter Trends

Twitter is an excellent resource for discovering and tracking emerging and present business trends. This is because Twitter is "real-time" and a place where people chat about what they're doing, what they like and dislike, and what works and doesn't work for them. It's like having access to the minds of customers, peers, competitors, and industry leaders all at the same time.

Twitter can be used for purposes other than social engagement. It can also be utilized to gather knowledge about business trends. Here are some ideas for staying on top of the trends that matter to your business:

1. Participate in Twitter lists. Twitter includes a feature that allows you to categorize users based on their topics of interest. You can then follow the tweets from those lists rather than searching for them. For example, if you want to learn more about email marketing trends, you could establish a Twitter list that contains all of your top email marketing professionals, and then import those tweets into Hootsuite or Tweetdeck so you can quickly watch them.

2. Make use of hashtags. A hashtag is a technique for organizing content that allows users to search for content based on keywords or themes of interest. By including hashtags in your tweets, you can participate in conversations about certain topics. Twitter is one of the world's largest sites, with 330 million users, so you can see what people are saying about anything under the sun.

Facebook Trending Topics

Facebook includes a few tools that might help you find and track trends. The Facebook Trending section is one of them. It's on the right side of your News Feed, but you can also access it by clicking the Explore tab in the upper left corner, then Trending. This displays popular subjects being discussed, as well as a collection of posts from your friends that are pertinent to that issue.

The hot topic list on Facebook is a terrific way to see what people are talking about on the social network. The list is especially useful for identifying breaking news and gauging public opinion on current events.

However, part of what makes it so effective is that it can help you identify trends before they appear in major media channels. This offers you a head start in understanding how your company may capitalize on such trends by producing products or services that are related to them. The number of postings about a topic and the engagement with those posts is used by Facebook's algorithm to select the top trending topics.

You can also use the search box at the top of any Facebook page to see what comes up when you search for a topic relating to your industry or business.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is a one-of-a-kind social networking site that concentrates on image and video sharing. According to Pinterest, it's so distinct that it's not even classified as a social network. Instead, it's a discovery engine.

Even though it has been operating since 2010, Pinterest has only recently gained popularity. In fact, until a few years ago, most individuals had no idea what Pinterest was. If you have a Pinterest account, you have a trend-finding tool at your disposal.

Pinterest Analytics gives useful data to help you understand how users interact with your content. Pinterest includes an analytics tool that lets you track and measure information for three major metrics: website clicks, repins, and likes.

Pinterest Analytics can help you track the performance of your Pins and boards, as well as learn more about who is pinning your material. You can also check how much traffic Pinterest generates to your website and what topics are popular.

Follow the Influencers

Knowing who the influencers in your field are is a critical step in keeping up with internet business trends. This can be discovered by searching Google for lists such as "top 10 online business influencers of 2022" or investigating persons with a huge following on social media. Once you've compiled a list, familiarize yourself with their bios and postings. What are they on about? What do they post on social media? What are the headlines saying? What do people talk about during events?

You can understand what vital issues to cover by keeping an eye on the influencers in your business.

The Bottom Line

Trends can be found in a variety of areas. Google Trends is the most obvious, but there are other ways to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations in your business.

Twitter and Facebook offer trending topics sites that show you what their users are interested in at any time. Pinterest Analytics can assist you in tracking your own company's success and seeing how it compares to others. You can also see what influencers in your sector (or related industries) are doing. Make use of these resources!


"Number of Twitter Users 2022/2023: Demographics, Breakdowns ...."

"Pinterest Startup Story - How Founder Ben Silberman Started Pinterest - Fundable."

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I lied. There is no science. Only fuzziness!

The fact is that there is no science behind the creation of a perfect promotional plushie, only fuzziness and affection. As a plushie connoisseur since the day I was born, I can attest to the extraordinary bond that exists between a client and a cherished stuffed animal!

So, what distinguishes a stuffy? Let's go into the world of plush!

The History Behind the Stuff(ing)

Who made the Teddy Bear?

Morris Michtom, a toy store owner and inventor, installs two plush bears in his shop window on February 15, 1903, selling them as Teddy bears. Michtom had already requested permission from President Theodore Roosevelt to use his moniker, Teddy. Source:

As a result, the teddy bear was born.

Teddy bears have since become the most popular stuffed animal on the market, followed by plush dogs and cats. However, any toy store will have everything from a crocodile to a parrot!

Why Promotional Plushies?

Promotional plushies (I have many from various trade exhibitions and events) are a wonderful way to remember a brand. What's nice about promotional plushies is that they appeal to a wide range of people! Stuffed animals are also versatile and adaptable to any sector. Here are a couple of examples:

Animal Parks and Aquariums

Airports and Visitor Information Centers

Amusement Parks and National Parks


Daycares and Schools

Sports Groups

Customization and Branding

One of the most common methods for your consumers to dress up a promotional plushie is with a customisable shirt, which is ideal for branding opportunities. Other options to mark promotional plush include miniature caps, bandanas, and embroidery on the soft itself. Because stuffies come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors, your customer may create a promotional plush that is truly theirs!


Stuffed animals aren't just for kids anymore! When presented with a plushie, adults are reminded of their childhood and the emotional protection that plushies provide. Stuffed animals are referred to be "comfort objects" because they allow us to take that sensation of comfort with us as we grow from childhood to maturity. Stuffies, like a warm blanket, allow us to calm down and destress. Stuffed animals have been demonstrated in studies to help with mental health issues.

Plushies With a Purpose

While stuffed animals are excellent corporate gifts, they can also have a positive impact on the community. They are the ideal companion for fundraising or raising awareness. They can also be presented as comfort presents to hospital patients, those going through emotional and unpleasant events at police stations, or those mourning a loss. A plush animal can even assist to alleviate loneliness and create a sense of belonging.

Plushies are not only wonderful promotional products for increasing your customer's awareness, but they may also give an emotional connection that other promotional items cannot deliver. When your clients are seeking for a one-of-a-kind and meaningful giveaway, send them promotional plushies or check out some of our other top popular promotions.

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