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Certain individuals eager to profit were attempting to sell Tropicana merchandise on resale platforms for hundreds of dollars.

What's the value of a custom disposable plastic water bottle? According to a seller on eBay, it's priced at $999.99.

Why the steep price tag? It's all about the 10-ounce bottle bearing the Tropicana label, once synonymous with the glitz and glamour of Rat Pack-era Vegas, but now shuttered after nearly seven decades on the Strip.

The exorbitant cost of this water bottle mirrors a social trend surrounding the closure of the iconic casino. People are eager to own a piece of Sin City's history, leading to a frenzy for the last remaining Tropicana-branded merchandise.

Reports from ABC’s Las Vegas affiliate indicate a rush on official Tropicana swag, with on-site gift shops depleted of branded items during the casino's final days. Entrepreneurs capitalized on this demand by reselling Tropicana merchandise at inflated prices on various online platforms.

Currently, eBay listings feature a range of Tropicana memorabilia, from a $110 football jersey to vintage T-shirts priced at $400. Other items include gambling chips, slot machine cards, napkins, dice, playing cards, menus, corkscrews, hats, lapel pins, and brochures.

Etsy also showcases Tropicana relics, such as matchbooks selling for $31 and ashtrays at various prices, including a weathered model priced at nearly $24. Vintage hats proclaiming the Tropicana as the “Island of Las Vegas” are also up for grabs.

The demand for Tropicana merchandise and the inflated prices on resale platforms underscore a recurring theme: what was once ordinary branded merchandise can evolve into cherished mementos of a bygone era.

Despite sentimental attachments, the Tropicana's closure signals progress for some Las Vegas leaders and Bally’s, the casino's owner. The site is slated for redevelopment, with plans for the Oakland Athletics to relocate and build a new stadium, while Bally’s intends to construct a new casino resort.

The story of the A’s relocation further highlights the enduring allure of branded merchandise and its power to evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of a place and time.

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The residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the real estate market generate billions of dollars each year. Real estate experts must compete for the business of house purchasers, renters, and investors in such a wide terrain.

We've gathered some of our favorite items for realtors to present to their clients as housewarming gifts or to thank them for their business. Their clients will also have a recall of their name or company in case they need to contact them again or refer them to a friend!

Keychains are timeless advertising items that are both affordable and useful. They can be connected to a set of keys, a pocketbook, or a backpack to act as a continual reminder of a brand. Furthermore, keychains are an excellent giveaway for folks who have recently closed on a home and have been given a new set of keys!

Pens: Another traditional promotional item that customers and potential customers adore is pens (particularly for signing all that paperwork). They could be handed out at open houses, events, or even client consultations.

Tote Bags: Giving customers a useful item like a tote bag is an excellent method to advertise a business. They can be used for transporting stuff around or going to the beach or grocery shop. A tote bag full of promotional materials and goodies for a potential home buyer will also leave a memorable impression.

Notepads: Notepads are excellent giveaway items for folks working in leasing agencies, title companies, and other businesses.

Drinkware: Water bottles and travel mugs are practical promotional goods that consumers and potential clients may utilize daily. They can be personalized with your company's logo and contact information, distributed at events, or even given away as a free present with a purchase.

Tech accessories are a popular promotional item in today's digital age. Branded accessories such as speakers, phone cases, charging cords, and headphones make terrific client giveaways.

Calendars: Whether magnetic or paper, calendars are excellent promotional materials for the home or workplace. They can be personalized with a logo and contact information and sent to consumers and potential customers to increase brand recognition.

Magnets are low-cost promotional items that may be mounted to filing cabinets, refrigerators, and other metal surfaces to serve as a visual reminder of your customer's brand.

Sunscreen & Lipbalm: Branded sunscreen and lip balm might be a valuable promotional tool to clients with real estate agencies in areas with lots of sunshine! Clients will value the gesture and remember a company’s brand each time they apply some!

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A 40-oz. stainless-steel tumbler is trending on social media. Here's how to get in on the action.

A well-known tumbler has gone viral on social media, and promotional product wholesalers can cash in on the trend.

The 40-oz Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler with soft matte finish from drinkware, cooler, and cookware shop Stanley 1913 has been featured on TikToks with hashtags like #stanleytumbler and #stanleycup in recent weeks.

The spacious size, durability, insulating properties, solid ergonomic handle, rotating lid with three drinking options (straw opening, drink opening, and full-cover to prevent leakage), and tapered base that fits comfortably in cup holders are all praised by recipients.

“While the original Stanley tumbler comes in tons of colors, the soft matte four-color line is what’s going viral right now,” writes Moriba Cummings at In the Know from Yahoo. “Its gorgeous silicone finish has a velvety and smooth touch, and it offers a stylish and sophisticated feel that’s a welcome departure from the more rugged, industrial look of the original cup.”

In fact, they were so popular in late 2022 and early 2023 that Stanley 1913 and merchants struggled to keep the $50 tumblers in stock.

For anyone searching for a similar aesthetic in the promotional business, here are a few options.






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